Processing Large Tasks with Laravel Queues

Recently, I tackled an interesting problem with an app I’m building. Just for context and without going into too much detail, this system is a management admin for guidance counselors to help manage their patients who are students in High School. I had to build a feature that generated five surveys with incrementing deadlines every time a new client was entered into the system. Easy enough right? Well, every survey generated a number of questions and categories per survey. This could mean hundreds of questions could be created at one time, thus slowing down the response time since everything would be running synchronously and waiting for all of the insert queries to complete. It was obvious that I couldn’t just create those records right in the controller, I had to process those tasks in the background.

So I Want to Learn How to Build a Compiler

I love learning and talking about programming languages. Mostly enjoy a different way of thinking that comes with it. Bring up Haskell? We’ll talk about Monads and functional programming. Clojure? Let’s talk about transducers. Bringing up Go? Let’s talk about go routines, concurrency and striving for simplicity.

New Year Goals. A Reflection.

2019 really had it’s ups-and-downs. It sure tested me as a living being. It was a wild year and it made me think what is REALLY important in my life; everything ranging from my own development career to friends and family. That being said, I’m glad the year is behind me and can’t wait to start 2020 with a fresh state-of-mind.

Slack Bot Idea: Working with Some Data with Python

A lot of times at the office around lunch time, one of us will ask everyone what their lunch plans are via Slack. This leads to one or a couple of us to take in orders and go pick up lunch a group of co-workers. I’ve been interested in building bots, particularly Slack bots lately, and I felt this would be a perfect case to build one for this task.

Some Philosophies on Separating Your Stack

For web applications, it’s a common pattern to separate your backend (typically a REST API) from your front-end/user interface nowadays. It’s a practice that I’ve been using for all of my projects for the past year or so.

Pondering About My Main Backend Techstack of Choice

For about eight months or so, I decided to commit myself and focus on Node.js as my main backend techstack of choice. PHP/Laravel have treated me well and I’ve been loving Go, but I wanted to focus on one tech stack, which is now Node as my main go-to. There’s just something about Javascript that I can’t get away from. Maybe it’s the new features coming out, it’s functional programming nature and it’s flexibility. Who knows.

Quick Thoughts on Test-Driven Development and Design Patterns

As a developer, a lot of times I feel constantly worried that I’m doing the “wrong thing” when I’m writing code. I worry if I’m doing “x” correctly, while I’m trying to focus on “y” thing. This mostly occurs for me when terms such as “test-driven development” and “design patterns” get thrown around. I usually catch myself worrying about these topics at the wrong times; especially when I’m just trying to write something simple and get the product out here in the wild. Here are my personal thoughts and advice when approaching these topics.