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Tyler Souza


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I’ve decided to start an open source project and fill another repository on my GitHub. Since I’ve been working more on the backend side and building services/REST APIs, I’ve had an urge to dedicate myself in this area. I thought it would a wonderful area to provide tooling for REST API development in Python.

The Concept

I thought be interesting to create a framework agnostic library that provides helper methods/classes for handling data, particularly handling Python dictionary data and encoding/decoding JSON data in an elegant way.

At the base level, I wanted the library to have two classes:

  • Transform –> a helper for formatting a json schema(s).
  • Collection –> a helper for handling python dictionary collections.

Perhaps I can combine these into one class and handle a dictionary collection and json schema format.

Implementation Idea

Here’s a basic example of how I would like this libary to work:

from wavvy.transformer import Transform

data = Transform(some_dict, {
    'name' some_dict['name'],
    'key': some_dict['key'].lower(),
    'links': {
        'google': 'https://google.com',
        'twitter': 'https://twitter.com'

A really basic example. Maybe the API could be named better. The Transform class could be named TransformJSON. Or! The Transform class could have methods that handle different types of schema types, such as XML.


For fun and learing mainly. Plus it would be nice to use tools that I’ve personally built in the wild. Also, I find the json.loads() and json.dumps() methods in Python’s default json module to be named oddly, and it would be nice to have some syntactic sugar/wrappers around them.

Closing Points

Wanted to write about this project as a start it and will provide updates as I go along. I’m thinking of writing a post about this project when a milestone is reached or an idea has come up. You can follow the project on Github