Tyler Souza

My Tech Bio

Hello! My name is Tyler! My passion for programming began when my first print statement was rendered on the screen. From that day forward my curiosity in tech went full-speed ahead and I committed myself to learning as much as I could about development and all that is tech. The mental challenges, my curiosity and the wondrous sense of accomplishment when a challenging piece of code functions exactly as expected keep me hooked and are incredibly rewarding. I thoroughly enjoy working collaboratively through the design and development process.

I have worked in-house and as an independent contractor specializing in software development including extensive experience with databases, API design, DevOps, etc. My skillset is applicable to many of the modern web, software design and system architectures. I have a strong background and proven success in leading development from implementaion to deployment.

My main love will always be programming languages. You’ll always catch me talking about different languages and paradigms. Outside of that, I am always keeping myself up-to-date on emerging technologies whether that is docker containerization, terraform, ansible for server automation, linux, etc.